What our Clients Say About Us:

I Would Tell Anyone Looking For An IT Support Firm That Cygnus’ Service And Responsiveness Is 2nd To None.

Coming up with the solutions that fit our business instead of trying to change our business instead
of trying to change our business to fit the solution has been the best benefit of working with you guys.
I would tell anyone looking for an IT support firm that Cygnus’ service and responsiveness is 2nd to
none and your team is very easy to work with.

Ron OstrowskiBenlee-Dunright-Huge Haul
Cygnus Is Reliable, Fair, And Has Had Low Staff Turnover
Brian Godfrey - Pat Milliken Ford

Office 365 helps us to implement and manage across all user devices (PC/phone/tablets). We’ve
used Cygnus for a very long time. Cygnus is reliable, fair, and has had low staff turnover
which means your people know my systems and needs.

Brian GodfreyPat Miliken Ford
Cygnus Has Repeatedly Gone Above and Beyond
what our clients say-5

When my PR firm was struggling with an unorganized, ineffective and unstable IT system,
we turned to Alex Burkulas and Cygnus. There has ben no comparison when it comes to the quality
of work, knowledge, and customer service that his company has brought to our team. Alex and Cygnus
have repeatedly gone above and beyond in the three years that they have served as our IT partner.
I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Mark WinterPresident, Identity
On A Scale Of 1 To 10, You Guys Were A 12!

On a scale of 1 to 10, you guys were a 12! Thanks so much for calling as a follow-up to make sure
that everything went smooth. Your tech was great. He even manaaged to give me some pointers during
the deployment and still it was under your time estimate. It’s truly been a great experience working
with the Cygnus team.

Cindi RoweDon Blackburn & Company
Cygnus Is Easy To Work With.

The single best benefit of Office 365 is the elimination of our exchange server and
the backup service that went with it. Cygnus is the first firm we ever outsourced to and
we continue to rely on them. Cygnus is easy to work with and they take a more consultative
approach with their clients vs a sales approach.

Tom SykesCentury 21 Town & Country
Cygnus Provides Sound Solutions Tailored To Our Work Environment.

Since moving to office 365, we no longer have to manage and maintain an on-site exchange server
or the large upfront costs of upgrading client office versions. This cost is now spread across sub-
scription model ensuring we always have the latest version of Office and any enhancements Mic-
rosoft may roll out. Cygnus keeps current on IT trends and how best the products would work for
us, and cygnus provides sound soultions tailored to our work environment without pushing us in a
direction we may not be ready for or have a need for.

Dave HallElectronic Security Systems, Inc.
Cygnus Held Our Hands Through The Planning, Spec Building And Needs Process.

The biggest benefits we’ve seen since moving to office 365 are long term cost savings and flexibili-
ty. We viewed the transition to office 365 to be an inevitable one. Transitioning our on-site ex-
change to the new server then later to office 365 would have been spending the same money
twice. With the big expense of our new server, Cygnus held our hands through the planning, spec
building and needs process. Just as importantly, though – keeping us from taking out important
items that we would have regretted to save money upfront, which would have later caused us to
be disappointed or cost us more in the long run. Cygnus also helped a lot to leverage some of our
existing licensing to prevent the need to purchase new right away without breaching any EULA of
Microsoft. You respect our requests. I’ve enjoyed the personalities of all people at Cygnus I’ve
worked with. You all know what you need to know to take care of our IT or to teach me what I
need to know. You look out for our best interests, and you’re fair.

Ben ChargotThree C's Landscaping
Cygnus Has Been Our IT Department Since We’ve Had IT.

Office 365 provides easy internet access to email as well as managing email addresses quickly and
easily. Cygus has been our IT dpartment since we’ve had IT. Anyone looking for an IT support
firm should make the decision to choose Cygnus. They are knowledgeable, the staff is excellent
and attentive to our needs. Cygnus system is our IT department. I rely on them for hardware,
software and phone system support, maintenance, training. It’s nice to have one number I can call
and get answers to my questions, problems solved and/or put in touch with the experts at Micro-
soft, whatever I need, Cygnus has been able to provide. The convenience of that is mostly taken
for granted by me. Let me take this opportunity to say a big “Thanks”.

Pam HoustonDouglas Electric Company
On Behalf Of Ross Mortgage, Thank You To All Of Your Team There.

Please pass our thanks and appreciation for your work getting our main application server moved.
Very few people here understand how well it really went, and that’s the way it should be. To move
our keystone server from one hardware box to another with less than 3 hours of scheduled down-
time to our users is beyond remarkable to me. As I tentatively asked a friend who is in IT, “What
could possibly go wrong?” But it didn’t. I appreciate working with you and admire your profession-
alism and expertise. On behalf of Ross Mortgage, thank you to all of your team there.

Chuck HubbertDirector of Information Technology
All My Experiences With Cygnus Have Been Exemplary.

All my experiences with Cygnus Inc over the last 10+ years have been exemplary. From the mun-
dane question “how do I do that…” to the complete revamping/updating of our infrastructure here
at Xbar… In short my friend, all my experiences with your company has been without incidences or
regrets, from the monitoring service you provide, definitely a life saver, to the email filtering, and
helpful advice etc. We definitely get more than what we pay for.”

Andy AndersonXbar Automation
If You Are Looking For Reliability, Then Look No More. Cygnus Is For You.

The best thing about office 365 was that the transition from outlook was seamless. All of the fea-
tures of 365 help keep our office connected and working efficiently. Cygnus maintains a laser like
focus on any problem we may have until a solution is found. If you are looking for reliability, then
look no more. Cygnus is for you.

Franklin HatchettHighland Park Housing Commission
Cygnus Has The Staff To Augment Any IT Department.

The best thing about office 365, besides not having to manage an in-house exchange server, I’d say
Microsoft Licensing. We have been able to stay current with all office apps including Sharepoint
without having to worry about tracking or upgrading licensing. Cygnus is easy to work with, de-
pendable, and knowledgeable I’d tell anyone looking for an IT support firm to consider Cygnus
due to the fact they can handle any situation and have the appropriate staff to augment any IT

Don CliffordWhitlam Lable Company
Cygnus Is A One Stop Shop For IT Services.

With office 365, there is no more worrying about server downtime. It is always up and accessible.
Cygnus understands our business needs and provides the best solutions. Cygnus is a one stop shop for IT.

Mustafa ArsiwalaBusiness Health

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